national day on writing

20 Oct

It’s the United States National Day on Writing and Twitter is abuzz with writers answering the question “Why I write?” The responses have been both hilarious and heart-warming, from writers  being tired of their old jobs, to the sheer satisfaction of finishing a book or the need to write the novel they haven’t read.

I’ll share why I write. I can. I believe that every person is born with the gift to do something well. Some great talent, or passion. Maybe it’s music, art, an understanding for math, a love of animals, the gift of gab whatever. They get excited about something.

I believe my gift is the ability to write. I love it. There is magic in crafting sentences, in finding the correct words. In creating characters. It’s therapy. It’s craft. It’s in my blood. It’s natural. It’s true love.

That’s why I write.

To get in on the Why I Write action, tweet with the hashtag #whyIwrite, to see what others are saying. For more information on National Day on Writing, click here.




One Response to “national day on writing”

  1. sydrak October 21, 2011 at 1:03 AM #

    Happy national day on writing:) Just figured this out! And I obviously had to do a why I write on Twitter too^^ @TheIvoryPen
    Writing really is magic!^^,

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