28 Oct

Honesty time: I’ve only sampled a small portion of O’Hare’s work. Apparently, he’s been in a few movies that I’ve seen but don’t recall him being in (Derailed, The Proposal) but I swear that doesn’t matter AT ALL to the praise I’m about to give him.

(Photo Credit)

O’Hare’s turn as True Blood‘s season three baddie Russell Edgington is amazing. Despite being the most powerful, most threatening, most crazy villain of the show (in my opinion) he is also hilarious, charming and–dare I say it?–likable. This has less to do with True Blood’s, albeit wonderful, writing and more to do with O’Hare’s acting chops.

More recently, he’s been appearing in FX’s weird yet compelling American Horror Story (by the guys behind Nip/Tuck and Glee!), as one of the many creeps and weirdos hanging around the Harmon family.


(As Larry Harvey, left. Photo Credit)

Besides these MUST-SEE performances, O’Hare is crazy talented, and has been nominated and won many awards, including a Tony! So, do yourself a favor check out Mr. O’Hare in the two shows I can attest to, and if you’re like me, you won’t be able to get enough of his genius.

Check out this mildly spoilerish video of O’Hare at his Russell Edgington best here.

(As Russel Edgington, above, right. Photo Credit)



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