Sookie Stackhouse Novels: Deadlocked

12 Nov

(Photo Credit)

I’m going to share: I’m a HUGE True Blood fanatic. I can, and have, talked about this show for hours. I can watch marathons, and never get bored. I love everything about it. I own all three seasons on DVD and regularly watch the season four episodes on HBO Go. With that having been said, I’m equally devoted to the books. (For those of you who are also into the True Blood/ Southern Vampire Mysteries world, don’t ask if I’m more into the show, or if I’m a “bookie.” I honestly love both and see them as two separate entities.)

So naturally, I lost my freaking mind when I saw the book cover and read the UNOFFICIAL synopsis for the upcoming 12th book in the series, Deadlocked in this post from Without going into too much detail about this for people who don’t read the books/haven’t read them yet, I’ll just say that the cover art, which I hadn’t seen until today is offering up some pretty good teases.

Do you watch True Blood? Is the wait for the new season or the new book just killing you? Do you need someone to talk  to about it? Drop me a comment or drop me an email! Let’s chat!

P.S. NaNoWriMo has been sucking up all my time like…a vampire. I’m for sure satisfied with that comparison. Sorry! The blog will get back to normal soon, fret not!


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