WRITING: Seventeen Magazine Fiction Contest, vote for me!

5 Dec

Seventeen Magazine has partnered with Figment Fiction and Scholastic to offer a contest for fiction writers. I entered and suggest that anyone else who qualifies should too! Unfortunately for some, you have to be a girl between the ages of 13 and 21. But if you fit this criteria, you should enter the contest and compete for a chance at $5,000!

I would really LOVE to win, and I’ve been agonizing over my entry for months. If you do happen to enter, or have an account with the wonderful Figment Fiction can you “heart” my story, and give me a vote? Drop me an email and we can talk entries, and how hard it was to tell a story in just 500 words!

Vote for me HERE.

Follow Seventeen and Figment Fiction on Twitter at @seventeenmag and @Figmentfiction!

And get those entries in by December 31st!!


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