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INSPIRATION: December Playlist (You Know You Love Dean Martin)

14 Dec

Track listing:

My apologies if you’re not that into Drake. Personally, I CAN NOT stop listening to Take Care. “Baby It’s Cold Outside,” has been including simply because it is the very best of cold-weather songs. Please do not argue with me on this one. I’m right. But if you just have to contest it, drop me a comment!

You can listen to the playlist in its entirety HERE.


INSPIRATION: James Rosenquist’s The Facet

6 Dec

(Photo Credit)

I love Pop Art. Rosenquist’s The Facet is one of my absolute favorites of all time! Can you see a story there?

INSPIRATION: November Playlist (the nanowrimo special!)

5 Nov

Track listing:


This is kind of early for a playlist post, but this post is kind of special. This is a selection of songs that I’ve been listening to while writing my NaNo-novel! Maybe they’ll inspire you while you write yours. If you’re NaNo-ing, you should add my as a writing buddy, or simply email me and we can talk noveling!

Listen to the playlist in its entirety HERE, and be my writing buddy HERE.


INSPIRATION: October Playlist (Florence + the Machine and more!)

18 Oct

Track listing:

These are the songs I’ve had on crazy replay pretty much all month. I tried to build to the crazy life-altering amazingness that is Florence + the Machine’s “Cosmic Love.” And as AMAZING as those other fourteen songs are, click here to just revel in the “Cosmic Love” beauty.

Listen to the playlist in its entirety HERE.

*and for the record, the song titled on the playlist as “For  Givin’ Love” is actually called  “Meaning.”

INSPIRATION: From another World by Björn Folkstedt

13 Oct

Tell me that this gorgeous photo by Björn Folkstedt doesn’t just make you want to finish her story.