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No READING post tonight!

2 Jan

Sadface. Normally, I would take today to talk about something I’ve read and how it shaped my writing, but I moved into the dorms at a new college today, so I am just plum tuckered out. But you should watch the Winter Premier of Pretty Little Liars, which airs tonight in less than FIFTEEN minutes!


Oh, Hey There 2012

1 Jan

I’m of a group of people who think there’s something inherently wonderful and depressing about New Year’s Eve. Without being Debbie Downer, I recognize the melancholy in it. Unless you had a truly amazing year, you’re probably looking back at 2011 and thinking: I wish I’d done that differently.

But I’m trying to teach myself how to embrace the bad, along with the good. In 2011, I broke down in tears in the middle of my living room because I realized I couldn’t go back to the life I was living in. I wasn’t in the right place, and no one could change that but me. I took a semester off. I cried some more. I worried my mother. I fought with my family. I had ups and downs. I fought with my best friend, I said venomous, awful, hateful things. I transferred schools, I laughed through the tears. I made apologies. I finished a novel. I started this blog. I literally changed my life.

It was up and down, 2011. It was horrid and beautiful and blessed and I am so lucky to be on this earth to go through it all. At around 12:45 this morning, I said to my best friend that I don’t believe in resolutions because they get inevitably broken. He laughed and said, “Wow, optimistic.”

But I think I lied. I do. I want a few things for myself and out of 2012.

1. I need to write more. I’m so proud of the novel I wrote in 2011, but I need to venture into more screenwriting. And I need to go it more often. GOAL: Outline my screenplay from now until the end of March. Bring it.

2. Edit 2011’s novel this summer.

3. Update the blog more often.

4. Remember why I changed my life to begin with.

So here’s to you 2011. You were crazy, heartbreaking, silly and outrageous, but your time is done. Hello to you, 2012. May you be as equally crazy, heartbreaking, silly and outrageous, though I could do with a little more beauty, less procrastination and a lot more luck. That would be great.

the beginning

13 Oct

I forgot I love to write. I got caught up in my life, with wanting to make a career of this, with perfection and forgot how much fun it is just to write, and create. I’m starting this blog to get back to that. I like to write fiction, because there’s something to be said for a good lie. I believe that a good story is a lie sprinkled with the truth of human experience. It’s a lie that’s also honest, if and if anything can be such, a good piece of fiction is.

So. I’m writing for fun, and talking all about the stuff that inspires me to do. I’ll worry later.

“Two hours of writing fiction leave this writer completely drained. For those two hours, he has been in a different place with totally different people.”  — Roald Dahl