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WATCHING: Christmas Movies

22 Dec

Watching: Christmas Movies

Why you should be watching: Why not?

I cannot tell a lie: I’m not that into Christmas movies, I’m really not. And Christmas music is even worse. Ugh. I’m no Scrooge or anything, and I do love the warm, sweet buzz that the holiday season brings, but lets face it: Christmas-themed music and movies our shoved at us two weeks before Thanksgiving, and they just don’t let up until January first, when everyone’s holiday letdown sets in. But still, I love some Christmas movies anyway. They aren’t always good. Most of the time, they’re corny, schmaltzy, and hackneyed. But hey, someone keeps writing them, we keep watching them, and they’re a nice break from the department store. Check out these five Christmas movies—have a marathon! (And, if you still have a gift or two to snag, anyone of these would make a good one!)


  1. Black Christmas (1974, 2006)

(2006 Poster, Photo Credit)

It really doesn’t matter which version you see, because both are pretty good, though if I had to say, go for the 1974 version first, but you’ll be pretty happy with the 2006 version too. It’s like this: there’s a sorority house. And killing ensues. Blood, guts and gore. All with nice Christmas ambiance, and even nifty, Christmas-y ways to die.

Give this one to: Your friends. Chances are they won’t mind the gore so much, and the twist on what we think of as Christmas movies will be fun for all of you.


4. Christmas with the Kranks (2004)

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Tim Allen and Jamie Lee Curtis star as Luther and Nora Krank, respectively. Because they’re daughter has just left for Peru with the Peace Corp, Luther and Nora have no desire to spend the holiday season without her. So, instead they decide to take the money they would have spent on presents and a party and the like, and go on a cruise. However, when they announce to friends, neighbors and co-workers that they’re leaving, everyone is outraged. What worse is that, as they’re headed out for their trip, their daughter, Blair announces that she’s on the way home with her fiance (!). The Kranks have to throw together a Christmas party before Blair gets home. Even though you know where the movie is headed from the start, it doesn’t make it any less fun.

Give this one to: Your parents. Wherever you are in life, they love you so much, they’d give up a ten-day cruise to the Caribbean for you.


  1. Elf (2003)

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Let me put it this way, I started typing the title, and began chuckling to myself. Elf is just plain funny, and genuinely heartwarming to boot. Will Ferrel stars as Buddy the elf, who accidently ends up being raised in the North Pole. Because of his height and because he makes shoddy toys, the other elves discern that he mus be human, and Buddy overhears them. He leaves for New York where is father, Walter, who is unaware of his existence lives and works at children’s book publishing company. Though his father initially rejects him, through a series of misadventures, Buddy is able to work his way into hearts everywhere, and spread the truth and joy of Santa Clause to people all over New York.

Give this one to: Your kids/nieces and nephews/little cousins. Elf is family-friendly, reinforces belief in Santa and the power of family. And Will Ferrell in those tiny elf clothes sets even grown men to giggling.


  1. The Family Stone (2005)

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This dramedy features several well-known names in its ensemble cast like, Sarah Jessica Parker, Diane Keaton, Craig T. Nelson, Luke Wilson, Claire Danes and Rachel McAdams. Though seeing too many big names together can get a little New Year’s Eve-ish, this cast does a really great job of letting you forget who they are, and focusing on the story. Dermot Mulroney is Everett Stone, the eldest son of Sybil (Keaton) and Kelly (Nelson). He’s bringing his straight-laced, uptight girlfriend, Meredith (Parker), home for the holidays. The Stones all have issues with their lives and with each other, so bringing each other together for the holiday’s is bound to be a disaster, it is, just in the way you would expect—there’s screaming and fighting, but also some healing, and all families could use a little of that.

Give this one to: Your sister, or best gal pal. Hopefully, she’ll enjoy the family dynamics, and it’s great to see so many amazing female actresses gathered in one place.


1. A Christmas Story (1983)

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Ralphie Parker is nine years old, and all he wants for Christmas is a Red Ryder BB Gun. I couldn’t even begin to cover all of the crummy things that happen to Ralphie during the holiday season, but they are plentiful and hilarious. Ralphie is just a kid, trying to survive until Christmas when he finally gets to unwrap his presents but bullies and teachers and parents all get in the way. You’ll spend the whole movie hoping with all your might that Ralphie actually gets his little BB Gun, but wondering all the while if it’ll happen. Just watch it, with everyone you know. Repeatedly.

Give this one to: Everyone, but most specifically, your boyfriend/husband or your brother. Chances are, he’ll see a little of himself in Ralphie.

What do you think? Are my Christmas favorites great, or did I miss the mark? What are your Christmas classics? Let me know!