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READING: Johnathan Stutzman

20 Dec

Reading: poetry by Jonathan Stutzman
Why you should be reading: Imagery

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The above is the poem “antidepressant,” by poet Jonathan Stutzman, and one of my very favorites of the selection. I started following Stutzman on Tumblr at thedustdancestoo over the summer and I am never disappointed. His poems almost always seem to reflect brief moments in time, capturing a slice of senses and emotions at the same time. Below is “in fine,” a longer, but no less wonderful poem.

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These are more recent but thedustdancestoo has been going strong since December of 2009, and there is a lot there to offer. Stutzman’s poetry has a way of boiling down a moment to its most intense and truest emotions. The poetry is extremely readable and equally relatable, so you should really go read some. Like, right now. Seriously.

If you’re as moved by Stutzman’s poetry as I am, you should check out his recently released book, empty, now on sale! It’s on my Christmas list for sure!

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